Azure Integration

See why customers enjoy using Pleasant Password Server with a KeePass client

Password Server integrates with Azure and can be installed on Azure as shown with the details below.

                        Azure Implementation with SSO

Install on Azure

  • Install with a Virtual Machine on Azure (Enterprise edition or higher). There are plans to have a Azure Web App install in the future.

Azure SSO (SAML)

  • Once signed into Azure, users can connect to Password server without logging in again (Enterprise+SSO). This is the preferred integration with Azure AD.

Azure AD

  • Alternatively, Password Server integrates with Azure Active Directory Domain Services (Enterprise edition or higher).
    • Your AD/LDAP controllers can be moved to sit on Azure, with 'Lift and Shift'.
    • This means the domain controllers will sit inside Azure (using the above diagram as a frame of reference).

Azure MFA

  • With an integration using SAML SSO (Enterprise+SSO edition), your users can authenticate with Azure MFA to access Password Server. There are plans to integrate directly with Azure MFA in the future.

Azure AD Application Proxy


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