Password Safe Desktop Client

See why customers choose Pleasant Password Server with a KeePass client

You can access passwords on your Windows desktop using our customised Password Safe Client for Pleasant Password Server.

Use Pleasant Password Safe Client to set up passwords and groups of passwords for the whole company. Also, think about the roles you might set up in Pleasant Password Server, as this may suggest a better way to organise passwords in the Password Safe Client. The objective, of course, is to streamline as much as possible the assignment of group access to passwords by role.

Remember, this is a customized version of Password Safe and doesn't not support some the Password Safe features. It also supports some new features which are provided by Pleasant Password Server. This version of Password Safe differs in following features from original Password Safe client.

  • Instead of just a Password Safe combination, you need your Password Server login credentials i.e. username and password along with server name. Default port number used is 10001. If you want to change Password Server port then follow these instructions.
  • Autotype feature is not supported for individual entries. Default autotype can still be set using Options menu but it will be applicable to all entries. Email is also not applicable to entries.
  • All passwords are under a root group in this version of Password Safe and it cannot be deleted. This is done to bring Password Safe in line with the Pleasant Password Server.
  • This version also supports a feature where in a user is prompted to enter a comment before performing certain actions. To acheive this, an administrator can configure comment requirements for different user actions on entries or groups in Pleasant Password Server and then when user uses Password Safe a comment dialog box will be presented whenever the configured action is triggered (e.g. "View Password" comment requirement would prompt user to enter a comment before performing any action which provides user the access to password of an entry).
  • Similarly you can limit users from performing certain actions e.g. deleting certain entries. This can be configured by administrator using Web Client for Pleasant Password Server. (See Access Model for more information)
  • Password is no longer displayed on the main screen in both tree view as well as list view. This is because Password Server has separate permissions for viewing an Entry and its Password.